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Do LED Lights Save Money?

LED lights do save money, and they do so in a number of different ways. However, some people are reluctant to go out on a limb and spend the additional money to buy them. While it is true that the initial cost of replacing standard lights with LED’s is a bit high, the long term savings will always more than make up for the extra initial expenditure.

The first real benefit of LED light bulbs is that they only use 10% the amount of energy that a regular light bulb uses. Now, if you calculate the total amount of energy that you could save each month by changing all your regular bulbs to LED light bulbs, you will realize that it’s a massive energy saving. And the more energy you save, the more money you save.

The next significant money-saving benefit of LED lights is that they very seldom need any sort of maintenance. The parts that make up an LED light are rugged and durable and a single LED light can last for up to 15 years without needing to be replaced. This means no maintenance which in larger homes and companies converts into monetary savings on maintenance.